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AIDA Freediving World CUP 2023

Overrall Ranking

Each event in the "AIDA Freediving World CUP" will have an overall ranking based on the  athletes points in each of the four disciplines (CWT, CWTB, CNF, FIM).


The Overall Ranking for the "AIDA Freediving World CUP" will be decided after the final event in the calendar and it will comprise the sum of the points accrued by the athletes* from each of the World Cup events.

* Only the Athletes who will participate to all the three events will have access to the Overall Ranking of the Freediving World CUP.

AIDA Freediving World CUP fees:

May - August - October Events Total fee: 1.300 Euro

Single Event fee: 500 Euro (6 days)

Each competition days: CWT, CWTB, CNF, FIM

Max depth: 140 mt.

Competition Area:

Platform with Counter Ballast System, Ecosonar, 01 official line, 03 warm up lines, 02 small dry areas, Emergency O2, Decompression O2 (extra fee), deep safety with underwater scooter.

01 Decompression Oxygen tank to use at max at six meters depth.

Judges: Pim Vermeulen, Caterine Crossland

Doctor: Mustafa Emad

Safeties Qualifications:

Freediving instructors and assistant instructor from different organizations. 
Safety chief (Andrea Zuccari) professional safety freediver.

01 Platform with Counter Ballast System and Ecosonar. 
01 Official Line with three safety divers, the deepest safety freediver with underwater scooter. 
03 Warm Up lines with two safety freedivers.
02 small dry areas.

Safety Plan:
Doctor on the platform with Emergency Equipment, 02 Emergency oxygen tanks on surface. 

Trasportation info:

RIB boat next the competition area ready in case of emergency (time to reach the shore, 4mins). 
One person on the shore ready in case if needed. 
Emergency car parked inside the event`s place.
Time to arrive to the Sinai Clinic 7mins. 
Time to arrive to the hiperbaric chamber, max 15mins.

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Andrea Zuccari

The "Boss"

Freediving World CEO, Freediving Instructor since 2008, Instructor of different didactics, specializes in athletes coaching, equalization and breathing techniques.


Alice Cattaneo

The "Bossa"

Freediving World Senior Manager,
Underwater photographer, freediver.

Sfondo 16-9 72dpi-01.jpg

Pim Vermeulen


AIDA Instructor Trainer  living in Sharm El Shiekh.



Catherine Crossland

AIDA Depth B Judges

Living in Dahab.


Brian Crossland

Emergency Medical Technician

Manager presso Blue Ocean Freedivers living in Dahab.

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